Transformational Coaching

Rates starting at $1000/5week

Have you woken up and decided that it’s time to make a change? If so, GREAT, get ready to do the inner work so you can live a life grounded, aligned, aware and loving the journey. I’ll give you the tools and be your accounable anchor, as long as you’re doing the work. Owing your life, is loving yourself.

Our coaching will start with a 5 week probationary period to make sure that this new relationship works for both of us.


Yoga / Soul Meditation Classes (Private or Group)

Rates starting at $100/person

What is yoga? What is soul meditation? What will it do for me? Great questions, all of which will be defined differently based on who you ask.

Both yoga and mediation are a deep exploration of self. To close your eyes and be content exactly where you are is goal for both and the experience which yoga and mediation provides as a platform.


Rates vary

Let’s travel around this amazing world and get lost soaking up it’s magic. If you have the desire to travel, travel. The details work themselves out when you trust. Yearly retreats to Bali and private retreats.

Where you are traveling to next?

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