Screw perfection....

Do you strive for perfection or the illusion of it….. do you desire for the perfect body, the perfect marriage, the perfect job, the perfect children, perfect friendships, the perfect white picket fence life with 2.5 children and a dog? Or maybe it's a project you've been working on, that you need to perfect, which often prevents you from actually starting it. 

What if I asked you to remove the ideal image you’ve created in your head of what things are “suppose” to look like…… let's removed that damn phrase “suppose to” and embrace the comfort of landing exactly where we are.

TODAY'S QUESTION: What if we embraced the imperfections vs obsessing to make things different?  

I know so many people, including myself, who at one point in their life, have become fixated on a particular area, that we become obsessed in making it perfect…. psychologically, we typically do one of three things...

  1. We become fixated on something, have it be our bodies, our relationship, a career goal, that we become like a deer in headlights, only seeing one way and sacrifice everything else to accomplish that perfected image we've created in our head - in doing so, we loose site of the right now, as our time and energy is wrapped around our obsession.  
  2. Or we find so much comfort in the idea of "perfect" that we create a facade that we have the perfect relationship/ marriage, perfect children, perfect friends and social life…. that we find ourselves creating a story and living a lie. 
  3. Or we fall way off the cliff and tend to exaggerate to the nth degree, making everything and everyone in our life worse than they actually are and the idea of perfection seems like the farthest thing from our grasp. 

Three extremes, which I’m sure you can relate to one of them. 

Perfection. Yuck. Striving and working towards a goal, yes! Obsessed, no thank you!

Tell me how.... Realize that your greatest difficulties are going to be your greatest teacher. Fuck perfectionism. Fuck the idea of needing to have it all. Fuck any lingering assumptions about how it's "suppose to be." Fuck not being able to wake up each day completely satisfied with how you look, how your relationships actually are, where you are in your career, with your family, friends and people in your life. Don't get me wrong, putting in the hard work for that "feel good, healthy body", doing all that you can to show up in your relationships with love and kindness and living in your truth is what we all strive for. My hope, is that you find the deepest love for yourself to welcome the imperfections as an opportunity to learn and grow in the moment, loving yourself truly, purely and wholeheartedly. 

BIG QUESTION: What would your day look like if you let go of the idea of perfection?

I smile, as I look at those seals laying on the beach- bellies out, lounging in the sun, complete content in the moment. I love it.