Damn relationship patterns.....

"I want a relationship!"
"Why am I only meeting assholes?"

Sound familiar? Let’s rephrase those two statements and start speaking - "I want a relationship first with myself" and then start saying "I’m going to be selective and attract a gentlemen into my life."  

"If you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you've always got.”  It's true. 

How much time and energy do you put into searching for love? Hours, I'm sure. It’s time to stop searching and start by falling in love with YOU, sounds nuts right? It’s not, when you stop searching and start finding comfort in being alone and loving yourself - your energy will shift and you’ll start to attract people into your life, who will see your strength, your beauty and who will fall in love with your individuality. You’ll find yourself attracting a partner who wants more then a one night stand. Just think, the laws of attraction are real. You must first become what you want. Live it. Feel it. Be it. AND you’ll have it.

Do you know your relationship patterns? …… you meet a person and become overly obsessive -  calling, texting and waiting to hear from them? Hours of your day consumed with waiting and wondering when they're going to call you? Yep, I've been there. What about the story that you've attached to your relationships? It’s time to stop the patterns and start new.

"Open your hands if you want to be held" ~ Rumi

TODAY'S QUESTION: Are you clear on the relationship that you want to attract into your life? Do you know what patterns/ stories you're going to let go of, so you can attract exactly what you want?

To become aware of your pattern is HUGE - I know personally, being a product of divorce, I've always told myself, "I will never be divorced", which explains why I'm not married. The Universe listens - can't be divorced, if you never tie the knot. Recognized and changed, for I am very clear that I want an everyday, partner in my life. Not searching, trusting, he'll arrive (maybe he already has). 

Clear on what I want in a relationship - absolutely, yes! I want a man who shows up with strength and an energetic fire within - an energy which I can encourage to always fly and one that will support mine to burn brighter.  A man who’s kind and thoughtful with his words, his action and who apprecaites the goodness within me. A man who has a sense of humor and who sees the glass half full vs empty. A man who’s physically active and aware of the importance of his wellbeing. A relationships that hold know question, for if we love, there will never a doubt, we'll always have each others back, no matter what. A relationship that is filled with passion, time, growth, support and unquestionable love. A relationship which acknowledges the strength found in traveling through the challenges, able to speak about anything and everything. A man who's proud and excited to be my best friend, my partner and my lover. 

Tell me how.... Become very clear and then don’t rush it. Trust, that every person who comes into your life is meant to. Some relationships come into your life so you can grow, learn or many you have something to teach the other person. Some relationship come to simply give you the opportunity to acknowledge what you don't want, opening the doors for you to have the strength to trust and let go. Welcome time into your relationships, allowing for them to unfold as they are meant too. Be okay to love and let go. For a relationship will either grow together or grow apart. Be okay with both. 

BIG QUESTION: Are you okay, truly being alone?