Really? You said what.....

“Caught between a strong mind, and a fragile heart.”

There’s incredible strength in being able to listen without the need to respond. To listen and become an observed vs having an emotional response is powerful. When emotions guide us they serve us; when we are ruled by them, they destroy us.

To not get wrapped up in the spiral downward attachment of words spoken - instead to notice and understand “why” … why did those words sting, hurt and cause us to have a physical responds? Instead of taking it personally, we take our response and become an observer - we look at the person speaking and then we look at ourselves. We find compassion. We find empathy. We find the lesson that is being provided and we take a deep breath. So often we get fixated on words, which cause a heavy, energetic attachment - doesn’t serve us or the relationships that we are in. 

How many times have you been told......  

“I’ll find the time and call you tomorrow, really looking forward to chatting with you" - That happened to me yesterday, the day came and went without a call. Interesting, for that scenario could have gone one of two ways… I could have clung to the hope and expectation of a follow through, got caught up and sunk into an emotional disappointment or possibly become angry by the lack of concrete meaning behind those words …... instead, I took notice and I smiled, as the lack of follow through is on the other person which hopefully will be acknowledge when the phone call does arrive, which it will, in it’s own time.  

TODAY’S QUESTION: How deeply are you affected by someones words? 

Let me tell you something about relationships, communication is the essence. A relationship is where your highest spirituality is tested by tolerance. It’s not necessary the words, it’s our own responds and reaction, which is where the lesson is rooted. To be able to clearly express ourselves with love, compassion and kindness is the goal, especially when wanting to add depth to your love relationships. 

Tell me how... Cherish the relationships in your life, the old ones, the new ones and especially the hardest ones, for that's where you'll grow the deepest. Create space for your relationships to grow without holding onto to expectations. Take breaths between words. Notice your response, intention and actions. To always working on our communication, so our relationships flourish.  

BIG QUESTIONDoes your communication serve the relationships that you're in? Is there attachment? Emotional response? Lack of words spoken? How is the delivery of the words you choose to speak?