What do you want?

Everyday you wake up and YOU are given an new opportunity to create possibiliites. It takes a courageous person to make change, to recognize old patterns and to make an energetic shift into awareness. It's BIG. 

It asks for you to take ownership. 
It asks for you to be kind to yourself. 
It asks for you to be clear with your actions, your thoughts and the way you respond to everything and everyone. 
It asks for you to TRUST. 

It's easy to get caught up in the busyness of our day that weeks, months and before we know it, the year has come to an end. I’m going to ask YOU to find sometime today, to sit with yourself and make a list - a list of what it is exactly that you want in your life.

What does your relationship with yourself look like? With the ones you love? Who and what are you spending your time on? Your passion? Your desire? The things you want to accomplish? Places you want to go? Things you want to do, feelings you want to have.  WRITE BIG. WRITE CLEAR. 

TODAY'S QUESTION: Are you really clear with what it is that you want in your life? 

Tell me how: Start with time and a clear intention. Sit in mediation, not always easy to sit in silence, yet so beneficial and then write. I did exactly that this morning, I sat and then I wrote out exactly what it is that I'm going to manifest into my life - not taking away from the magic of what already exists, as that's a powerful to land and appreciate the presences. 

**Keep in mind... Your making a list of clear words so that the Universe knows exactly what it is that your heart desires. WRITE BIG. WRITE CLEAR. 

BIG QUESTION: Will you make the time today for YOU and your list?