I trust .....

Everything you are experiencing at this moment, whatever it is, is exactly what you need - to learn, grow and welcome the endless possibilities to deepen the connection with YOURSELF! 



What BIG WORDS to say and to mean. 
What BIG WORDS to receive wholeheartedly. 
What BIG WORDS to believe.

There's so much mixed into the word TRUST, not only is it a reflection into our personal relationship with ourselves, it is an outward display of connection with another. 

How can you trust someone else, if you don’t TRUST yourself? The answer is easy, you can’t. You have to start by TRUSTING you - TRUST in the things you say, think and do. TRUST BIG.

Wondering where to start? Start by trusting your gut feeling, TRUST the intuitive part of your being, TRUST without having to ask for anyone elses opinion or approval. If you're stuck in a world where you question and second guess yourself, it’s time to let go of the self doubt, insecurity and fear. It takes time to truly TRUST, to be able to land in a place where you are completely content with the ebb and flow, the highs and lows, the difficult and the incredible parts of life. It takes time to journey inwards, to TRUST without needing to find excuses, balm someone else, fabricate a story, or justify a reason. TRUST it all. 

TODAY’S QUESTION: Do you chose to TRUST?

Let me tell you, it's not always easy. People will voluntarily share their thoughts and opinions on your life, which will leave you second guessing your gut - don't question, TRUST YOU! You are the only one, who wakes up and walks in your shoes everyday. 

When it comes to relationships, be smart. Become a selective sharer and learn to listen…. listen to what people share with you - if they are sharing someone else's shit, they'll share yours. Listen to words and recognize if someone is supporting or discouraging you. Make eye contact. Notice who shows up with positive intentions to support whatever it is that you TRUST. 

And then there is our love relationships. Try saying "I TRUST YOU" to the ones you love and notice the response. Those are powerful words to say and mean and then to receive.  Love can come with barriers, which hopefully you'll navigate through, opening your heart to experience the true depth of a trusting relationship. TRUST YOU, TRUST wholeheartedly, for it's the most incredible form of LOVE. 

So what do you do? TRUST what you already know and make sure that knowing isn't falsely shaded with your own shit. Trust today, not the past. Trust the feeling but make sure it's accurate. Trust selectively. TRUST YOU! TRUST THEM. TRUST the journey which you're on. TRUST the experiences, the challenges, the opportunities to grow. TRUST. 

BIG QUESTION: Are you open to truly trust?