Quick, easy and convenient?

How have our relationships turned into a dialogue of words written vs spoken? Just think about how many relationships are established and maintained through a quick text message vs a quality phone call. 

Sure, we all live in a world consumed with technology, where the word busy has become the mainstream definition of our lives, that we often resort to quick, easy and convenient in regards to how we choose to communicate with the people in our lives. We then convince ourselves that by sending a text message, we are saving time by being more efficient - sure that makes sense logistically and works well in some context but in relation to the people in our lives and the ideal relationship that most hope to establish or maintain, it breaks us in the long run. Keep in mind, that relationships built on quick, easy and convenient are easily dismissed, as the depth and connection isn’t established or rooted into the soul. 

TODAY'S QUESTION: Are the majority of your relationships established and maintained through text message? If so, are we losing personal connection? 

We all have our reasons “why” we send text messages vs making a phone call but what if we didn’t need to justify our “why” and instead, we became really aware of the lack of time we actually give to another person, either in building a new relationship or maintaining our current ones. Take that thought a little further, and notice the quality of time you give when physically being with another person... are you present and giving them your full attention or are you consumed with your phone, distracted by the messages, emails and social media that are easily at your finger tips?

I reflect on the relationships in my life and the ones that stand out, are the ones who make time - for the truth is, you are never too busy for those who are important to you. Don't get me wrong, I send plenty of text messages but also am very aware of the importance of picking up the phone and calling someone. 

For those of you dancing in the dating world, just think about how many men/ women resort to having a conversation or to making plans via a text message? Short story, it can be nerve racking to make a phone call (especially the "first call") for it requires you to step up and be vulnerable enough to be seen and heard, compared to hiding behind the impersonal dialogue of a text. Honestly, making a date via text message or email feels cheap and easy, doesn’t it? Where's the old school chivalry of calling and asking someone on a date? 

So what do you do? You rethink your text messages and your intention with the relationships in your life. In a world that is becoming increasingly more stressed, anxious and consumed with the quick fix, you decided to stand out and you redefine the relationships in your life by the conversations that you have. You acknowledge how great it feels to receive a phone call from someone special and you start making them. You step into quality, by giving time and adding value and instead of adapting to quick and easy, you make it real. 

BIG QUESTION: Will you decide to make the time, to deepen your connection with those special people in your life with a call vs text message?