Authentic Love

Authentically honest with yourself and with others. Not easy. Sure, the idea of being authentically honest seems like an easy concept to convince yourself that you are …”I’m honest, I speak my truth… absolutely yes”


I challenge you to take a look at the love relationships you have, to look clearly at what information you choose to share, how and when and with who. Often we become selective sharers in our relationships, which isn’t a bad thing as you don’t want to disclose your deepest secrets to the mailman but when speaking about your love relationships, it’s an absolutely must. Not only speaking your truth but being open to listen when someone is vulnerable to share with you - receive with love.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Are you authentically honest in your love relationships? Do you have someone in your life who you choose to keep secrets from? Are you dating and misleading? 

Since we all have our own definition of love, the one quality of every love relationship which is the foundation to maintain strength and longevity is truth, for when we step into truth, we build trust. To speak your truth, especially when it’s not easy, redefines your respect and true love for that person. 

Years of my life spent with a man who kept me a secret from his ex-wife. So wrong, for so many reasons, as the only person that secret served was him. His marriage lasted 23 years and in that time, an incredible relationship was built - a relationship of familiar comfort and history. With divorce, comes change and a new opportunity to co-parent with an understanding that new love relationships will form. Not in my case. I became his new love, a love which he was open to share with certain parts of his world but kept me from his ex-wife and grown children. Stupid of me for allowing so much time to pass. I thought I was loving with patience and understanding but I was enabling him from stepping up in our relationship and redefining his relationship with his ex-wife. I was devaluing my own self-worth and feeding his. Not smart or good for my heart. 

So what do you do? You become really clear and you acknowledge the importance of being authentically honest. You trust your gut and you stand for what’s important to you. You take a real look at your intentions with the people you say “I love you” too. You have the courage to speak your truth and trust that being authentically honest in your relationships will only strengthen the ones that are supposed to be in your life.

When you take a closer look at the lack of truth, the flip side of most deception, is that people withhold the truth out of preventing hurt, which in reality is a fictitious story built on fear to honestly share and potentially lose that person and be alone.….. the secret is to step into your courageous self and honor your inner strength to speak your truth and to be open and listen when someone is sharing with you. Remember that all lies are rooted in fear. 

BIG QUESTION: When you look at the relationships in your life, are you authentically honest in all that you do and say? Are you okay to step into the messy part of your relationships to build love with truth?