A conversation says so much....

If you want to know the depth of a relationship,
observe your conversation. 

How many people put on a good show by saying what you want to hear, pretending to be interested, pretending to be someone they aren’t, pretending to give a shit when in reality they don’t? Sadly, more then we hope. This lack of authenticity and intention, often leads to disappointment, for we tend to falsify the depth of many relationships, which doesn't end well in the long run. 

How many times to do want to go deeper in a conversation, you want to learn more, hear more, share more but the conversation stays surfaced or one sided? Observe and get real with your observation. No pretending.  

TODAY'S QUESTION: When was the last time you sat down with someone and had a real conversation? The type of conversation that leaves you feeling refreshed either because you shared something that was weighing on your heart or someone trusted you enough to share their shit with you. Observe if your conversations are reciprocal. 

Let's Observe our conversations....

  • Observe if your conversations are one sided - often we ask questions and are interested in learning about someone but that person doesn’t ask anything in return. Notice if that person who you're having a conversation with is interested in YOU. Observe and share wisely.
  • During a conversation, observe the energetic feeling in your gut and trust it. Your intuitive guide will never lead you astray. You'll know how much and what to share. Stay reserved to a person who isn’t attentive, for the value of your words won’t be appreciated as it should. Notice the feeling and trust it. 
  • Observe the flow. There is great easy in a real conversation. Silence becomes okay. The uncomfortable become easier. Time isn't an issue because it's made. Observe the details and be okay with was is.  

Tell me how.... Understand that there are going to be those people who take without giving. I call them energy suckers, for over time they will deplete your energy if you're not wise. Observe your conversations with opened eyes and let that observation define your relationships.    

There's no question, that you already know the depth of your current relationships.  Maybe there's some relationship which you want to redefine or constructively add boundaries too - be smart and wise. 

BIG QUESTION: Will you look closely at your conversations and be open to what you see?