It's all about time...

“This moment is all there is” ~ Rum

Imagine the concept of actually spending quality time, with the one you love? Sounds great right? A romantic evening, a long walk, a great conversation - simple but yet so rare. Since the essences of true quality time has become a foreign concept to most, as our society becomes more consumed and distracted, losing their ability to actually focus and give time.

How often have you been in the presences of someone special - have it be a friend, a relationship and felt unseen, unheard and alone? The constant consumption of our “busy” mentality, clutters our mind and then add on the constant distraction of social media and work, which increases mental fog, as we find ourselves disengaging from real human connection. Horrible but true. 

TODAY’S QUESTION: How do you utilize your time with the ones you love? Wisely and with intention?

As we all know, time is by far the most valuable gift you can give to anyone, especially in a world consumed with being "on the go", the constant influx of distractions, high demands and the facade of glorifying the need to be busy. Quality time, it's a super simple concept but yet so complex and such a challenge for most.  

I met this incredibly spiritual man about 6 months ago, a friend of a friend, who's energy penetrates through every cell of his body, completely aware of the importance of being present. I've seen this friend twice now, since being in LA and both times left feeling completely energized and truly seen as a human being. There's no sexual interaction, no empty conversation. It's real. Quality with meaning. Powerful. Reinforces the importances of showing up, being present and the constant strive to highten your awareness in all relationships.  

There will come a day when the light clicks and you'll become aware of how important the energetic building of human connection is and you’ll notice if and how your current relationships define “quality time.” As you become more aware and connected within, you’ll naturally find yourself putting down your phone, experiencing less of a need to be constantly “on” and instead you’ll find yourself immersed with what and who you are with. It’s a powerful place to be. Aware and present, especially being on both sides of the coin. 

So what do you do? You define what quality time means to both you and your partner. You communicate the importance of it. You show up. You ask for time. Put your phone away. Make eye contact. Listen. Speak. Share. Give love. Participate. Be Involved. You let go. You step up. You step back. You notice the energetic feeling wrapped around your relationships and decide if it is fueling or depleting your soul.  

BIG QUESTION: How can you show up in your relationships, to give and receive quality time?