Once upon a time I knew a girl who dedicated a big chuck of her life to serving, giving and going out of her way to be kind to others, unconsciously at the time, this was a way to fulfill the desire of being wanted, needed and appreciated by others. As years went on, that girl found herself constantly disappointed, energetically drained, frustrated and feeling taken advantage of, as she held on to the expectations that those people would show up and do the same for her. Over the years, that girl’s awareness, appreciation and connection to self grew, and she realized that the outwardly efforts to support others can only be enjoyed after she started to be kind to herself. So, what did that girl do, she woke up and she started to self-examine the areas of life which she felt depleted in, she removed the blinders and really looked at the people in her world and started to make changes. The girl removed the ridiculous, negative thoughts that brought her down and started to reshaped her thoughts to serve her, she made the time in each day to do something kind for her body, she started to discover that kindness is first an act which starts with you, for you really can’t show up for someone else, until you show up for yourself first. That girl is my younger self, the self that was searching before she landed.

How many times do you hear people say, Be Kind.
What if we transformed that phrase to … Be Kind to Yourself!

Typically, when you hear the words “Be Kind” …  we often think about how we can show up and Be Kind for someone else, which is a great thing, yet what if we turned that outwardly thought, inwards? What if we thought… how can I BE KIND to myself? Is there a thought pattern of negative story floating around that is no longer serving me? Do I beat my body up physically, mentally and emotionally? Do I do at least one kind thing for myself each and every day?

So, we start WEEK ONE with KINDNESS.

What is kindness? If you were to look up the definition of kindness in the dictionary, you’d find: the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate. A kind deed.

I’m going to elaborate on that definition and say; kindness is a recognizable quality that a person holds with understanding and dedication time each day to show up for themselves with kind thoughts, actions and feeling, so that they are able to see, recognize the importance and then selflessly give kindness to someone else.   

We start by pausing throughout this week to notice the stories that we tell ourselves, we observe our behaviors, our habits, our sleep patterns, who weren’t inviting into our energetic space, the conversations we’re partaking in, the way we spend our time, who we give our energy to and then we adjust accordingly.

Our mediation this week, we will sit in a personal meditation with kindness and then we’ll sit in a soul gazing meditation to show up and hold space for someone else to experience kindness.  

QUESTIONS - WEEK ONE: KINDNESS *Hoping that you feel compelled to share your answers in the comment section below.

QUESTION: What is the last kind thought you had towards yourself?
QUESTION: What act of kindness did you do for yourself today?
QUESTION: What kindness did you bring into someone else’s life today?
QUESTION: What kindness was sprinkled into your day by someone else?

I can’t wait to see you at our Tuesday night meditation! 7PM. Be early.