Years ago, I was in a relationship that some might have described as picture perfect, for we painted a beautiful facade which resembled all that one might have hoped for in a relationship, yet it was a relationship of broken promises, convenience and lack of transparency with his ex wife and 3 grown children. It’s interesting thinking about it, for that little voice spoke so clear to me for years, yet I ignored.

I wonder, how many of you are in a relationship that you don’t love?
I wonder, how many of you are in a career that you’re not passionate about?
I wonder, do you hear that little voice speaking to you?

There’s a powerful ancient Zen saying which states: “Close your eyes to see clearly. Be still and you will hear the truth.” What if that’s the answer, close your eyes and be still. That’s exactly what we are going to do. We are going to come together every week to sit and gain profound clarity as we build that deeper connection to self. 

I’ve got a challenge for you - The next time you catch yourself saying “I don’t know” remember this challenge and speak your truth, when you listen carefully, you always know.

This weeks question - what clarity have you gained recently that has changed your life?

To this journey together!
(((((((( LOVE ))))))))))))